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Ride A Summer Wind Book Cover

Ride a Summer Wind
Author: Ann Cavera

The year is 1977. Thirteen-year-old Buddie McBride gives away an old vase without asking her grandfather’s permission, and the old man is furious. She has no idea of the historical value of the vase or why it is so important to her grandfather. Unraveling the mystery will land Buddie and her friends in a summer filled with adventure, and danger. Ride a Summer Wind is a story of loss, forgiveness, faith and hope.

Ride a Summer Wind – Endorsement from Bettie Boswell, Author

Ann Cavera, the author of Ride a Summer Wind, provides a wonderful new voice to the world of Christian Fiction for middle grade through young adult readers. Her words paint pictures of our world several decades ago, while touching the hearts of a contemporary audience burdened with coming-of-age concerns. The story rings with the sound of bluegrass music, family love and loss, and virtues left to the world by an admired historic figure, Abraham Lincoln. Humor lightens and enhances the story. Ride a Summer Wind offers hope, friendship, and forgiveness when the situation seems impossible. I highly recommend this author and book to all ages.

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